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Abrasive Blast Cleaning

APC Services of New England, a commercial painting and sandblasting contractor in the Greater Boston and New England area, has offered blasting services to our customers for over 50 years. Whether the project involves rust removal from steel beams, cleaning bricks in an old mill building prior to its conversion to an office use or restaurant space, efflorescence, graffiti and water stain removal, or any number of tasks, our experienced crews provide quality surface preparation for any requirement.

Originally and colloquially called Sandblasting, the name has changed because sand is no longer allowed. As sand is made up of silica, the end product of sand blasting is a very fine silica cloud that in some cases causes silicosis in humans. Today a wide range of application specific abrasives are used. They range from high pressure water vapor to walnut shells, to glass beads to the tried and true bituminous coal slag. Even Dry Ice and ground up sponges can be used to clean and polish metals without damaging substrate.

Today, APC Services offers many services under the label “painting contractors of Boston”; we apply paints, coatings, and architectural finishes to everything from offices to power plants to parking garages.

We don't just bring a bucket of paint, ladder and brush as a photo from company archives displayed 70+ years ago. We have come a long way.