Commercial Painting Contractors in Boston, MA

APC Services of New England

When the Ahern family started the business that is now APC Services of New England in 1931, painting was essentially accomplished with a brush, paint bucket and a ladder. Times have changed

As a Commercial Painting Contractor in the Boston market, APC Services of New England works on projects with General Contractors putting up new buildings, renovating existing space in office buildings, converting old warehouses and / mill buildings into a new use – as condominium or office space, renovating parking garages, industrial locations sometime requiring adhering to FDA protocols and attending to the myriad of General Contractor needs.

As a painting contractor in the Boston area, we also work directly with business owners and associations to help in repainting or refreshing office space, churches to bring their facilities back to pristine condition, especially after a water intrusion, colleges and universities where time constraints are very tight.

Imagine you are the parent of a student about to enter his/her Freshman year at an institution costing in excess of $50,000 annually and your first impression of the dorm you child will call home is shall we say, “not pristine”, you can understand why University Administrators need to continually refresh/repaint dormitories and classroom space in the short 10-12 weeks from Graduation to Fall Semester, especially considering the growing use of dormitory space for summer camps.
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