Wall Coverings by APC Services of New England

First and foremost, APC Services of New England is a commercial painting contractor in the Boston area. And we do indeed supply painting expertise for our many customers. However, if you have been in a hotel recently, you must have noticed the variety of wall coverings in bath rooms, hallways and lobbies. They are there for a purpose.

Many bathrooms are not positioned on an exterior wall that would allow for outside air circulation, resulting in a potential for mold. Because wall coverings, among other attributes, provide a layer of insulation over the concrete walls or wallboard that is much cooler than the steam from a shower or bath.

Hotel lobbies are the first introduction to the amenities offered, as such the use of wall coverings in lieu or in addition to paint makes a statement. Hallways are especially subject to markings from luggage, food deliveries or simple hand prints if left as a painted surface. The wall coverings that we source and install not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look, but maintain the clean appearance for guests as well as reduced time by staff in cleaning.

We source our wall coverings from multiple distributors and manufacturers resulting in the choice of literally thousands of options, all to augment the offerings of APC Services of New England, a Boston area painting contractor who does much more than apply paint to a wall.

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